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Post care after DBS Cellulite reduction treatment

Make Coffee Scrub to Get Rid of Cellulite

Coffee scrub and also the coffee wrap are among the popular home remedies for cellulite and not for no reason. When you rub your skin with coarse coffee grounds, it works as an excellent exfoliating agent and removes dead skin cells to give your skin new and healthy cells. The skin tightening effects of coffee also smoothen your sagging dimpled skin. It is said that coffee scrub also enhances fat metabolism and removes fat and liquid from your skin to get you rid of cellulite.

How to Make Coffee-Sugar Scrub cupcakes for Cellulite Removal

Get this:

  • Coffee grounds- ¼ cup

  • Sugar (or brown sugar)- 3 tbsp

  • grape seed oil - 3 tbsp

  • Coconut oil -3 tbsp

Mix the grounds sugar grape seed oil and coconut oil together in a bowl until it is in a pasty cake batter like state . Pour the mixture into cup cake cups and then place the cups inside of a cupcake pan place mixture in the freezer for a hour .

When the cupcakes have solidified they are ready for use . just scrub them across your desired ares and rinse . Please keep refrigerated to keep the cupcakes solidified .

Try Dry Brushing to Remove Cellulite

Dry brushing is perhaps the most effective home remedies for cellulite removal. When you rub a dry brush onto your dry skin, you help tighten the epidermis and also in breaking up the toxic material which makes up the cellulite. Many people have used dry brushing to miraculously get rid of cellulite. It also has an exfoliating effect for sloughing off the dead skin cells as well as help stimulate blood and lymphatic flow in the body to give you a radiant glowing skin. However, you must take proper care in selecting the brush as well as the time to do dry brushing. Also, brush in the right direction- towards your heart only otherwise you will give rise to other health problems instead of removing cellulite. Here’s how to do dry brushing to get rid of cellulite problem.

Don’t fail to do dry brush in the right manner

  • As stressed earlier too, you need to brush in the right direction- towards your heart only! The key is to brush in the direction of the lymphatic system.

  • Do not, do not ever brush forth and back nor in circular motions. Don’t scrub with brush too.

  • Begin brushing your feet moving upwards with long sweeps of brush.

  • Brush your arms taking the brush towards your chest.

  • When brushing your stomach, keep it doing counterclockwise. Don’t brush too hard though.

Remember when you dry brush, you should feel your skin get stimulated but never irritated. No redness should follow dry brushing and if you do it in the right manner, it will not.

Foods that combat cellulite

Why Omega 3 fatty Acids for Cellulite Removal?

There are at least three major reasons for this:

  • Foods having Omega 3 fatty acids are rich in antioxidants that fight off free radicals. The antioxidants effectively break down fat cells in your cellulites too.

  • Not only does omega-3 fatty acids help reduce cellulites, they also make your skin and tissue smooth.

  • Additionally omega-3 fatty acids help reduce appetite so that you don’t over eat and don’t accumulate fat.

What Foods to Have for Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

  • Cod liver oil

  • Salmon and other such fish (not fried though)

  • Flax and olive oil

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