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So I've just finished my 3rd Cavitation / iLipo session now what ?

Well well well ..... so you've graduated from your first package congratulations . Here at Dream body Studios we recommend that our clients book packages based on the following factors . Our procedures are more effective when you acquire more than one session . Many clients are willing to commit to a regiment if they are committed to package and also we like to be very hands on with our clients and their new lifestyle . During the consult we recommend the amount of sessions that you may need , however this is just a estimate based of the information that you provide on your client intake form as well as our factored analysis . You made need more or possibly less sessions of your service . With majority of the services that are offered at the studio we depend on the lymphatic drainage system to rid your body of the fat cells that are ready to be secreted after your procedure . Your body is a power house and response system that is constantly working for the better good of your health whether you are physically contributing or not . Having a clean lymphatic drainage system and a health conscious regiment is very imperative . With the laser procedure it can potentially penetrate through up to 10 layers of fatty tissue and it takes 3 - 7 days on average to drain the fat after doing 1 session of the procedure . With the cavitation procedure we are manually directing sound waves down into your fatty tissue and on average after one session our client may lose a half of an inch or up to 4 inches from the waist right after doing the procedure . Again , it takes 3 - 7 days on average to drain the fat after doing 1 session of the cavitation procedure . The procedures that we offer at Dream Body Studio are 100 percent non surgical and non- Invasive. Even with getting a surgical procedure there is no such thing as a magical procedure where you can just wave your magic wand and there after able to just turn into a couch potato at your leisure . Our cavitation and laser procedure is something you would want to incorporate the healthy regiment . Having a clean lymphatic drainage system will allow for your body to flush out the fat . If your body is woking overtime to try and detox toxins and impurities such as high sodium/sugar foods alcohol smoke etc eliminating fat will be the last function your body would be concerned about . Now that we've done an overview about how everything works we have to look into your personal regiment as a client . Do a mental daily checklist . Have you've consume 3 servings of leafy green veggies and fruit for the day ? Have you consumed at least 1- 2 liters of water (pure water no substitutes) ? Have you detoxed your body ? Are you exercising daily ? Are you eating and drinking clean ? If you were recommended to wear a waist trainer have you've been wearing it ? Did you complete your package in a timely manner ( within 60 days) If you implemented all of these things you are sure to have seen great results , Now we are at a cross roads . You now have to decide if you need a little more assistance and would like to continue on with more procedure or you've completed your package and have generated a healthy lifestyle and regiment and can continue you or your own . You also maybe consider a touch up session or even doing cavitation for a little body contouring . If you have kind of drifted away from your diet you may choose to come in for a body wrap or cellulite procedure to detox your body and clean your lymphatic system .

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